e Daksh Kendra Tikamgarh

Tikamgarh ( टीकमगढ़ ) is a town and a tehsil in Tikamgarh district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.The city serves as a district headquarters. The earlier name of Tikamgarh was 'Tehri' (i.e., a triangle) consisting of three hamlets, forming a rough triangle. In Tikamgarh town there is locality still known as 'Purani Tehri' (Old Tehri). Until Indian independence in 1947, Tikamgarh, formerly called Tehri, was part of the kingdom of Orchha, which was founded in the 16th century by the Bundeli chief Rudra Pratap Singh, who became the first King of Orchha. In 1783 the capital of the state was moved to Tehri, about 40 miles south of Orchha, which was home to the fort of Tikamgarh, and the town eventually took the name of the fort. The district is famous for the old fort of Kundar known as Garh Kundar, which was built by Khangars and remained the capital of kshatriya Khangar rulers from 1180 to 1347.
Number of Employee in District (Approx) : 14000
Contact Number 07683241120
Email Id rcbctkm@mapit.gov.in
No of Seats 27
Lead Trainer Name Amardeep Yadav
Mobile Number 9584124558
Trainer Name Shubham Arjariya
Mobile Number 9981781068
Mobile Number 9755175573
Email Id degmtikamgarh@gmail.com
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