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Harda is a city and a municipality in Harda district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. On 18 May 1867 British established the 'Nagar Palika' in Harda. Harda District was created in 6th July 1998, when it was divided from Hoshangabad District.Harda District is a district of Madhya Pradesh. The town of Harda is the district headquarters. The district is part of Narmadapuram Division. The district of Harda has a total area of 998.41 sq. km. The district has population 80000 (Cencus 2011). The district is situated 302m higher from the sea level. Its Geographic Position is between 210 53’ & 220 36’ Longitude and between 760 47’& 770 20’ Latitude. Harda district is located in the southwestern part of Madhya Pradesh. It is predominantly a tribal area where the Korku and the Gond tribal groups form two-thirds of the total population.In Harda district, there are Three main rivers namely the Narmada, Ganjaal & the Maachak.The following are Handiya , Harda , Khirkiya , Rehatgaon , Sirali , Timarni all Tehsils / Blocks / C.D.Blocks in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh.there are 513 villages in Harda district.Harda District is bounded by the districts of Sehore to the north, Hoshangabad to the northeast, Betul to the southeast, Khandwa to the south & west, and Dewas to the northwest. Harda lies in the Narmada River valley, and the Narmada forms the district's northern boundary. The land rises towards the Satpura Range to the south.
Number of Employee in District (Approx) : 2219
Contact Number 9993465056
Email Id rcbchrd@mapit.gov.in
No of Seats 24
Lead Trainer Name Vishavjeet Jindal
Mobile Number 9926244869
Trainer Name Ravi Kant Swarnkar
Mobile Number 9993465056
Mobile Number 9827023003
Email Id degmharda@gmail.com
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