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District Barwani was formed on 25th May 1998. It was carved out of West-Nimar, Khargone district. Barwani is situated on the south-west side of Madhya Pradesh as well as holy river Narmada is its northern border. District is surrounded by Satpuda (in South) and Vindhyachal (in North) forest ranges. The name Badwani originated from the forests of Bad which had surrounded the city in old times. Wani is the old word for the Garden. and hence city got its name Badwani which means Garden of Bads. Barwani is still pronounced as Badwani but it spells Barwani. Founded in the 9th (traditional date of 836A.D.) or in the 14th century by a Sisodia Prince from Mewar, who migrated into the Narmada Valley, and settled at Avasgarh, a hill in the Satpuras, about 78 kilometres southwest of the present capital. Until 1650, the state was called Avasgadh, after its original capital. From the beginning of the 18th century the power of the Ranas of Barwani gradually declined; their country, originally of considerable extent and situated between the Narmada and the Tapti, was devastated by the Marathas, and at the time of Malcolm’s settlement of Malwa (1819), only a strip of the Satpura range, 207 kilometres in length, with the lowlands on either side, remained to them. They did not, however, become tributary to any of the Malwa Chiefs. The state was formerly located in Malwa, Central India and became part of Madhya Pradesh at Independence. The state was located on the left bank of the Narmada River, laying between 21°36′ and 22°07′ north, and 74°28′ and 75°17′ east. Bordered on the north by Dhar, on the northwest by Ali Rajpur, on the east by a portion of Indore, and on the south and west by the Kandesh district of the old Bombay Presidency. District is situated between Latitudes 21°37′ to 22°22′ North and Longitudes 74°27′ to 75°30′ East. State of Maharashtra in South, Gujarat in far West, district Khargone on the East and district Dhar on the North from boundaries of Barwani. District is triangular in shape with the highest point in West. The town Barwani is situated near the left bank of the Narmada River.
Number of Employee in District (Approx) : 15000
Contact Number 07290222040
Email Id rcbcbdw@mapit.gov.in
No of Seats 24
Lead Trainer Name Vacant
Mobile Number 0000000000
Trainer Name Akshay Soni
Mobile Number 9752136343
Mobile Number 9893635076
Email Id degmbar@mp.gov.in
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e-Daksh Barwani CM Helpline Training
e-Daksh Barwani CM Helpline Training
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inauguration 03/07/2016
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BharatNet Training
BharatNet Training
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