The District of Khargone is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh in the central region of India. Khargone was formerly known as West Nimar. A part of the Indore Division lying on the region of Nimar, The District headquarters is located in the town of Khargone along with other functional offices i.e., police station, the collector ate office, telecom and other governmental organizations. Khargone city famous for the production of cotton and chilly is built on the banks of River Kunda, surrounded by Dhar, Indore and Dewas as its northern frontier, the state of Maharashtra as the southern, Khandwa, Burhanpur as the eastern side and Barwani as the Western border. A beautiful temple Navgraha is erected in honor of the nav grahas. The people of Khargone speak Namadi its the primary language in west Nimar, Bareli and Palya, the language of Bhil is spoken in the central territory of Madhya Pradesh; Bareli Rathwi, Bhil is written in Bhilali and Devanagari script.
Contact Number : 8770051232 Email : No. of Seats : 23
Lead Trainer Name : श्री देवेश त्रिपाठी Mobile : 7509470206
Trainer Name : श्री संतोष कुमार बनोटे Mobile : 9755103772
DEGM Name : Mr. Amit Verma (Inch. DeGM) DEGM Email : Mobile : 9977073763

CRISP Building, Colllector Office, Khargone - 451001 (M.P.)