Mandsaur is rich in archaeological and historical heritage But what makes it famous is the temple of Lord Pashupatinath located on the bank of shivna. Its idol has parallel only in Nepal. The most common language is Malvi (Rajasthani and Hindi Mixed).It is also famous for large production of Opium around the world. The slate pencil industry is the main industry of the district. The District is divided into four sub divisions and eight tehsils. The sub divisional head quarters are at Mandsaur, Malhargarh, Sitamau and Garoth. whether Mandsaur, Malhargah, Garoth, Shamgarh, Dalauda, Bhanpura, Suwasra and Sitamau are eight tehsils of District.
Contact Number : 07422255596 Email : No. of Seats : 30
Lead Trainer Name : VACANT Mobile :
Trainer Name : सत्येन्द्र राठोर Mobile : 7389895178
DEGM Name : Vaibhav Bairagai (Inch. DeGM) DEGM Email : Mobile : 9926296183

e Daksh Kendra, Ravindranath Tagore Hall, DIET College, Mhow-Neemuch Road, Mandsaur