Datia is a city in the Bundelkhand province of Madhya Pradesh, India. Datia city was established in the 16th century by the glorious Bundela Raja Veer Singh Zu Dev of Bundelkhand. Datia Nagar is situated on the Jhansi-Gwalior road, 16 miles from Jhansi. Kshatriyas have been famous here since time immemorial. There are many ancient palaces, dak bungalows, hospitals, prisons and many educational institutions. Datia is famous for the Pitambara Temple, Ma Ratangarh Temple and Balaji Temple. Currently 3 blocks and 6 Tehseels are in Datia .
Contact Number : 9893686767 Email : rcbcdta@mapit.gov.in No. of Seats : 32
Lead Trainer Name : हर्ष कुुमार चतुर्वेदी Mobile : 9893686767
Trainer Name : चन्‍द्र शेखर साहुु Mobile : 8982219706
DEGM Name : नरेन्द्र अवस्थी DEGM Email : degmdat@mp.gov.in  Mobile : 9303704455

Room no 26, E-daksh Kendra , New Collectorate, Gwalior Road District-Datiya