Seoni is primarily a tribal dominated district formed on 1st November 1956. The district name Seoni has the origin from the word "or gudina arborea", a species of tree belonging to the "verbanaleal family" which was commonly found in this area. The wood of this tree is used in manufacture of "DHOLAK". The district is situated on a narrow, North-South section of Satpura plateau in the South of Jabalpur Division. Seoni district is rich in timber resources. Teak is most important tree growing in and around Seoni district. Wainganga River is the lifeline of Seoni district. It originates at "Mundara" village. Asia's largest mud dam has been built on this river at Bhimgarh village in Chhapara block of the district. The district headquarter lies on Nagpur Varanasi NH-7 and is in between Jabalpur and Nagpur. Total area of district is 8,758 sq kms. As per 2001 census the population of district is 11,66,608 out of which 10,45,921 is rural population and 1,20,687 is urban population. The scheduled tribe population is 4,29,104.
Contact Number : 07692228044 Email : No. of Seats : 25
Lead Trainer Name : कमलेश कुमार श्रीवास्तव Mobile : 9827676734
Trainer Name : श्वेता मौर्य Mobile : 9584839656
DEGM Name : राहुल शिवहरे DEGM Email : Mobile : 9302469983

e Daksh Kendra,Infront of Zila Panchayat,First Floor,Up Sanchaalk Samajik Nyaya Bhwan,Seoni