Gwalior district, which comes in revenue division of Gwalior, is situated in the northern part of the state covering an area of 2002 square miles, which is slightly more than 1.1 percent of the total area of the state. Gwalior is a historical place of Madhya Pradesh, which is surrounded by Shivpuri district in the West, in the north Morena district , in the east by Bhind district, and Datia district in the south. There are three Tehsil in Gwalior, Gwalior (Gird), Dabra and Bhitarwar and there are four vikaskhand, such as Gantiganv (Barai), Murar, Dabra and Bhitarwar.The district got its name after a rock-forming historical fort situated on a lonely hilltop with a flat top. The fort is built on a hill, originally called as the Gopachal Gopgiri Gope mountain or Gopadri.There are three nagar panchayat in Gwalior district, Bilauaa, Darba and Aantri. Two municipalities Dabra and Bhitarwar and Gwalior nagar nigam. The district's maximum population is living in urban areas. The district has 300 gram panchayats. 660 villages, of which 598 are inhabited and 62 are deserted.Gwalior is enriched with many minerals, especially sandstone, stone, clay, ocher, sand for glass-making, textile, leather etc.
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