Narsinghpur district is situated in the central part of Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh is located in the Central part of India. Narsinghpur district holds a special importance being located in the Country. It attracts special attention because of its natural situation as well. On the Northern ends Vindhyachal on the southern ends through out the lengths are Satpura ranges of Mountains. In the Northern part river Narmada flows from East to West. Which is a sacred as holy as river Ganga.Narsinghpur district has received many natural gifts as Narmada Kachhar .In the ancient period, this area was ruled by many Rajvansh including great historical worrier Rani Durgawati which was refured by various names in that period. In the Eighteenth Century Jat Sardars got constructed a large Temple, in which Idol of Lord Narsimha placed worshiped so in the name of Lord Narsimha the village. Gadariya Kheda become " Narsinghpur" later on it become headquarter of the district.
Contact Number : 07792233413 Email : No. of Seats : 30
Lead Trainer Name : Indresh Yadav Mobile : 9691293069
Trainer Name : Rahul Kumar Soni Mobile : 8982810947
DEGM Name : RAGHAV RUSIA DEGM Email :  Mobile : 9827718670

Janpad Panchayat Building, Narsinghpur - 487001 (M.P.)