Shahdol is located at Bilaspur-Katni section of South Eastern Railway. It is the administrative headquarters of Shahdol district. With lush green forests, natural wealth of Coal, Minerals and with primitive tribal population, the district Shahdol is situated among the range of Vindhyachal and heading fast in development track. The district has vast reserves of Coal mines. Shahdol District is situated in the North-Eastern part of Madhya Pradesh. The area of the district remains 5671 Sq. Kms. The district extends 110 kms. from East to West and 170 Kms. from North to South. The population of District Shahdol is 9,08,148, out of which 4,64,784 are males and 4,43,364 are females. There is a Virateshwar temple of Lord Shiv in Sohagpur Baan Ganga. Kalchuri King Maharaja Yuvraj Deva had got it built between 950 and 1050 AD.
Contact Number : 07652245997 Email : No. of Seats : 25
Lead Trainer Name : श्री हरिकृष्ण सोनी Mobile : 9893963070
Trainer Name : श्री कपिलदेव मिश्रा Mobile : 7770833555
DEGM Name : श्री स्वप्निल जैन DEGM Email :   Mobile : 8889844434

e Daksh Kendra,Ground floor BRC Building, Collectrate Campus, District - Shahdol